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I thought you could only burn wood pellets in a pellet stove?
A pellet stove uses an auger and blower system to efficiently burn wood pellets. The Pelleteer efficiently burns wood pellets in your wood stove by elevating the fuel off the burn chamber floor to dramatically increase air flow. Its wedge-like design maximizes surface massand promotes upward draft. Its expanded metal construction allows air to flow through the bed of pellet fuel while letting ash fall through and out of the basket, resulting in a complete and thorough burn.
Does a pellet fire last as long as a cord wood fire?
In most cases, yes. Although you use less fuel with a pellet fire, don't let that fool you, because of the pellets higher density it produces a long lasting fire that heats your stove as well as any cord wood fire. After flames have subsided, burning embers remain, cuttingback on the draft prolongs the burn just like cord wood.
Does a pellet fire produce as much heat as cord wood?
A pellet fire produces as much heat as dry seasoned cord wood. A ton of pellet fuel produces 50% more BTU's than a cord of wood.
Why do wood pellets burn so much cleaner than cord wood, and what are the benefits?
Wood pellets are much drier than even seasoned cord wood, and more importantly, contains no creosote producing bark material. Because wood pellets produce so little creosote, your stove and flue system will require cleanings far less frequently.`
Are there any advantages to burning wood pellets with the Pelleteer in my wood stove over burning pellets in a pellet stove?
Pellet stove technology has brought burning pelletized bio fuels to a whole new level of convenience, to be sure. Although the Pelleteer can't match some of the push button features of a wood pellet stove, it does have one big advantage. A pellet stove requires electricity to operate, and is inoperable during a power outage. The Pelleteer works passively with your wood stove just like cord wood.

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