Loading, Lighting and Refueling

Optimal Air Flow

Proper Air Flow

Proper Draft Direction.

Proper Air Flow

Use lower vents on stove.

Proper Air Flow

Avoid overfiring.

In order for your stove to produce the proper draft flow, primarily use the draft openings at or near the bottom of your stove. If you need to use your stoves loading door to light new fuel from embers, do so only briefly, and revert back to the lower draft vents once flames have spread over the top of the pellet fuel.

How to Load

Loading Stove

Shovel pellet fuel into basket.

When using the Pelleteer in your wood stove make sure to firmly position it towards the front of your stove to allow for easy loading and refueling. Use a standard hearth shovel or scoop to load the firebasket with wood pellets. Some smaller pellets will fall through when loading, which is normal, and will aid in overall combustion of the pellet fuel.

When loading and refueling the Pelleteer with wood pellets, be sure to maintain a slanted top surface. This helps create an optimal draft for a hot and nearly smoke free fire.

How to Light

Lighting Wood Pellet Fuel

To light, place starter block on top of pellet surface. Fatwood or starter gel can also be used.

Lighting wood pellets with the Pelleteer is easy, 100% reliable and almost effortless.

Unlike a cord wood fire, a pellet fire lights from the top. Place starter block, Fatwood or starter gel inside front portion of basket, allowing flames to rise and spread over the incline of the pellet surface. Open draft so flames quickly spread and heat your stove.

After flames have spread and are well established on the pellet surface, cut back the draft to prolong burn and avoid over-firing.

If pellets should smoke increase draft to allow more air into the stove to stoke flames.

How to Refuel

Refueling the Pelleteer is a little different than the initial lighting. After the burning pellets have become a thin bed of glowing embers of a couple of inches or so, drag them to the front of the basket.

Now, fill the basket with pellets behind the burning embers. Let the pellet fuel cascade down the basket bottom and abut the embers at the front of the basket.

Open the draft on your stove to allow enough air to bring the embers and new fuel to the point of combustion. Some smoking is normal, and can sometimes last several minutes before flames reappear. Be sure not to cover the top of the embers with pellets as this could cause undue smoldering.

If there are not enough embers to light pellets, simply add starter block or Fatwood. Adjust the draft on your wood stove to avoid smoking and over firing as you normally would with a cord wood fire.

Drag Embers to Front of Basket

Drag embers to the front of the basket.

Refiring Stove

Increase draft on your stove to allow enough air to bring the embers and new fuel to the point of combustion.

Refired Stove

Within a minute or two the pellet fuel will light from the burning embers at the front of the basket.

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